Career Events

Head Start Programme:

The programme invites 8-10 students along with an OG for an informal face to face lunch during which the OG shares information about their job and industry, while students gain inside information and inspiration.


Mock Interviews:

Lower Sixth Form Mock Interviews: designed as part of the students personal development, the mock interviews are carried out by professionals in order to give them experience of responding under pressure and being able to think spontaneously. Members of the Georgian Family (Old Georgians, current parents, past parents) kindly gave their time to support the Lower Sixth students to help prepare them for the world of employment.

Career Conventions:

Forth Year Careers Convention: held each year, this event attracts around 20 members of the Georgian community currently working in various industries, who volunteer their time to come and talk about their field of work as well as their own career to groups of students. The purpose of this event is for students to get an insite into a variety of industries. 

Upper Sixth Form Careers Evenings: held throughout the year, OGs, past and current parents meet with the Upper Sixth students, where the students attended a seminar which is aimed to create awareness of the necessary skills required to network in a professional situation.

If you are interested in participating in the Headstart Programme or any of the other events then please do get in touch with the Development Office on - we really want to hear from you!