School Careers Department

The School Careers Department aims to help the students experience the world of work and to give them guidance on how to reach their goals.  Additionally the department provide general guidance on demand alongside literature in the College library.  Furthermore, subject staff will also be promoting careers related to their areas. 

Here is a list of some of the work that the Career Department cover with the students:

  • 1st years: Swimming costume technology and related careers
  • 2nd years: Step into the NHS – Careers opportunities; Subject and Career options advice
  • 3rd years: Be Real Game; Probe (which is a computer software programme reviewing career suitability); Subject and Career options advice
  • 4th years: CV writing; Careers Convention; Young Lawyers’ workshop; Young Doctors’ workshop; Careers Testing; Work Shadowing with parent
  • 5th years: Careers Links Evening; Careers Interviews; Subject and Career options advice; Week’s work experience
  • L6: Centigrade Questionnaire to highlight University choices; Mock trial with Mundays Solicitors; Careers Links Evening; Careers Interviews (organised by the Head of Sixth)
  • U6: Careers Links Evenings; Careers Surgeries

How you can help:

The Careers Department is always delighted to see Old Georgian’s back in the College and indeed we do send students out to your places of work.  Helping the college in this way is a wonderful means of affecting the career decisions of the next generation.  Do drop us a line if you would like to help; below are the main areas that work particularly well for the students?

  • 4th year careers convention – occurs in June and lasts 2 hours (near lunch time).  This is a carousel arrangement where students speak in groups to professionals for about 15 mins.  Students visit about 4 of the sixteen professions
  • Careers links evenings – two career evenigs take place in each of the winter and spring terms during the evenings.  where about 15 professional; students speak in informal groups to the guests
  • Careers interviews – these are practice panel interviews for the L6 students and take place in June during the evening.  Please contact the Head of Sixth to attend this.
  • Careers Work Place Lunch time visits – these are an area which the Careers Departemnet would like to develop.  Pairs of 6th form students would visit the work place a professional for a tour (and possibly lunch).  These reflect the busy lives of our Old Georgians and the benefits that students have in seeing the work place in action.

If you would like to have more information on the Careers Department; please contact Suzanne Knights, Head of Careers on 01932 839359 or