Activity Centre Build Progress Summer Report 2018

Thank you for helping the Activity Centre to GROW

As we have now come to the end of the academic year we thought it would be a good time to update you on the Activity Centre project and thank you for all your support over the year!

Building work is progressing well as you can see from the recent time-lapse footage:

The superstructure is beginning to emerge on the side of the building containing the smaller studios and changing areas, whilst substructure work continues where the large main hall will go.  In the coming weeks we shall see further work on the superstructure and in particular in August the famous glulam roof will be placed to brace the main reinforced concrete columns.  This is a major operation involving a 90 tonne crane which in turn has necessitated a specially thickened concrete slab! 

The Glass Floor gets the go ahead!

We are excited to announce that we have now formally committed to installing the glass sports floors in both the main hall and dance studio.  The fact that both spaces will benefit from this cutting edge system will really put St George’s on the map.

We are certainly keen to get the Activity Centre built for the beginning of the School year in 2019 to celebrate our 150th birthday!

Thank you to all the Georgians who have supported the project.  If you would like to help the Activity Centre GROW please donate.


Ground Floor Slab - Sports Hall

Rear retaining wall and first floor slab progressing 

First floor support work 

First Slab, walls and columns ground to first floor

Ground floor slab sports hall area reinforcement in progress

Sports hall area

Lift shaft - ground to first floor reinforcement 

Top field / football pitches - Excavated material and fill, stock pilled for re-use