Annual Over Sixties Lunch, 6 June 2019

73 Old Georgians and Old Maurians attended the Over Sixties Lunch at the Royal Thames Yacht Club on Wednesday 6th June. 

"The venue was first class and the food equally enjoyable and the company most pleasurable."

John Rapacioli ('64), BrunoCiuffardi ('62), Bob Pearson ('64)  and Michael McAlister ('64)

Patrick Crawley ('68) and Marion Mcdonald ('68 - one of the first three girls to join the Sixth Form at St George's)

Peter Bolger ('58) and Michael Sharkey ('58)

Moira Cavangah ('71), Vivian Cavangah ('67) and Felicity Light ('68)

John Padovan ('55), Rupert Chichester ('77) and Colin Young ('61)

Paul Fairbairn-Tennant ('68) and Ralph Childs ('68)

Eric Mooney was our oldest OG at the lunch this year.  Eric left St George's in 1949 and has recently celebrated his 88th birthday. 

Patrick Crawley ('68), Michael Crawley ('61) and Dominic Crawley ('73)

Tony Paine and Ralph Childs (both '68)

Neil Twist ('62) and Richard Coffey ('66)

Michael McAlister ('64) and Michael Hirons ('63)

Maurice Buckingham ('68), Paul Fairbairn-Tennant ('68) and Tony Paine ('68)

The Class of 1968


An attendance list can be found by clicking HERE