The Annual Over Sixties Lunch

The annual St George’s Over Sixties lunch is a lively and popular event attracting Old Georgians from across the globe (thank you to Michael Findlay, 1962, USA and Mike Hazel, 1958, NZ for joining us).  The event took place in London at the Royal Thames Yacht Club which started with drinks and followed by a sumptuous three course lunch.

We were delighted to welcome our youngest Old Georgian, and most importantly our first lady Georgian Mrs Sue Sowerby (n e Moore).   Sue joined St Maur’s Convent in 1962 and completed her O-Levels and then joined the Sixth Form at St George’s in 1973 and left in 1975 after her A-Levels.  We really hope that Sue will start a trend for more girls from the Sixth Form to start joining.  Our two eldest Old Georgians this year, having just celebrated their 84th birthdays, were Richard Wildenberg and Brian Mepham.   

Richard joined St George’s in 1942 and left in 1952.  Richard’s four children attended St George’s.  Richard’s son, Tim attended St George’s and his three daughters joined in the Sixth Form. 

Brian left St George’s in 1951 and became articled to a chartered accountant.  Brian had four sons and a daughter, all of whom attended St George’s.  They are all now married and Brian and Sue have ten grandchildren.

The Old Georgians were just settling into the afternoon, enjoying the sunshine on the terrace when we were evacuated from the building due to the incredibly unfortunate fire at the Mandarin Oriental Hotel next door.  Undeterred many of the group left to continue their day at various London venues. 

Thank you to everyone for joining us for the 2018 Over Sixties lunch, and we look forward to welcoming more from the class of 1975 and the class of 1976 in 2019. 

Many thanks for organising, yet again, another marvellous lunch and a good choice of venue. A great shame that the after lunch activities were curtailed by such dramatic events.
Looking forward to next year.  Richard Coffey, 1966

Thank you for another wonderful reunion. I know how much work goes in, to make the whole day a pleasure for us all.  Bobby Burns, 1956

Alan Cunningham (1965) and Bob Pearson (1964)

Chris Marsh (1968) and Laurence Lobo (1965)

David (1973) and Peter (1965) Lawes

Fr Martin (1969), Richard Wildenberg (1952)  and Brian Mepham (1951)

Gerry Johnson (1970) and James Dwyer (1970)

John Alexander (1953)

John Barker (1961) and Clive Wightman-Smith (1961)

Mark Chabrel (1972) and Sue Moore (1975)

John Padovan (1955)

Mike Edwards (1964) and John Rapacioli (1964)

Michael Moore (1967) and Martin Dore (1968)

Mike Hazel (1959) and Brian Mepham (1951)

Neil Carty (1964) and Andrew Marsh (1963)

Neil Carty (1964), Ian Coxon (1963) and Mike Hirons (1963)

Peter Smith (1974), Simon Clothier (1975) and Piers Anglis (1974)

Probably the most unusual place for a group photograph - Knightsbridge Road, following the evacuation 

Emergency Services hard at work