The Class of 1968’s 50 Year Celebration

We were so pleased that our guests did indeed find their way to the correct St George’s on Saturday 19th May and not to St George’s Chapel in Windsor for the Royal Wedding!  56 guests (alumni, their partners, Josephites and former members of teaching staff) came together to mark this very special 50th anniversary – and as one alumni mentions “To remember the mischief and frankly the fantastic education we had, enabling many of us to go into jobs, or university and make us who we are today.  Without knowing it we were given a belief in ourselves that has served us well over the years; as doctors, teachers, publishers, technicians, architects, husbands, fathers and grandfathers.”

The day was kicked off with a tour of the school, taking in some familiar areas and hearing of changes in teaching and school life along the way.  For the majority of the group they had never been back to St George’s so this was a chance to show off the modern day school and to share with them our vision and plans for the future.  Sights along the tour route included the sports fields, where stories of great cricket and rugby victories were shared, and many fantastic memories came flooding back about ‘climbing out of windows and escaping across the field for a midnight swim!’ Our College Librarian, Mrs Irene Monem put out a fascinating display of archives in the Library for the alumni to look through.  The Library back in 1968 was the lower years dormitory, and there was much chatter between the alumni informing their partners about who they had bunked next to, the routines of the day, and what furniture they had available. “Did we have mirrors??”

The Chapel was a sight to relish! The sunlight streaming through the stained glass windows was truly magnificent, a perfect setting for a little peace and reflection as the group took a seat on the pews and reflected back on their school days.

This was also a wonderful opportunity for the staff present to point out the building work that is in progress for the new Activity Centre as everyone chatted about the upcoming 150th celebrations.  One Old Georgian is quoted saying in his thanks “What was most surprising, and reassuring, was how much of the fabric was still identifiable.  Clearly there is much new building development, but there is a lot that is still the same – and that is rather nice too”.

A relaxed lunch was followed by drinks at the Old Georgians’ Clubhouse in the warm afternoon sun.

The reunion would not have been the success it was without the amazing driving force and organisational skills of Kevin Cheney. Kevin contacted the office nearly three years ago, with the idea of getting his year group together, and in the past nine months, both Kevin and Paul Marley were instrumental in helping us track ‘lost’ alumni down and assisted in all the necessary arrangements for the day.  
To the former members of staff, Brian O’Gorman, Francis Hussey, Tony Creber and his wife Pat Creber (former maths teacher at Woburn Hill) and our two Josephites Fr Martin and Fr Jude (with a brief appearance from Fr Adrian), thank you so much for joining us.  It meant so much to them having you celebrate with them.

To read the biographies and names of attendees click HERE.


Martin and Ann Dore

Kevin Cheney addressing the guests

Vivian Cavanagh and Joanna Jacques (St Maur's). 

Starters are served

Decorations in honour of the Royal Wedding 

Tony Paine, Brian O'Gorman and Pat Creber

Fr Jude McHugo

Tony Creber, Duncan Cairns & Francis Hussey

Paul Engelen and Paul Fairbairn-Tennant 

Alan Gunner, Louise Mortelman and Nigel Mortelman

Peter Tickner & Peter Kornicki

Christopher Steel and Ben McDonnell

Paul Marley and Michael Gelardi 

Chris Marsh and Vincent Champion 

Felicity Light, Joanna Jacques and Vivian Cavanagh (Felicity and Joanna were two of the first St Maur's girls to attend the Sixth Form at St George's). 

Kevin and Hilary Cheney and Ben McDonnell enjoying the afternoon sun at the Old Georgians' Clubhouse

Peter Tickner and Sue Harmes

Paul Marley and Joe Dwyer

Paul Fairbairn-Tennant and Georgiana Wooller

Tony Paine and Kevin Cheney 

Ben McDonnell and Alan Gunner