The class of 1988 Celebrate in London

The class of 1988 met in London, on a very busy hot summers evening, for their 30 year reunion.  It was not foreseen in the many months leading up to the reunion that England would be facing Belgium in the Football World Cup – So it was a huge relief that we had secured a spot at the Duck and Rice in Soho right next to the big screen. 

The Old Georgians and not England, were the stars of this show and they were delighted to see each other after many years, and went straight into catching up, glancing only briefly at the screen.  Thirty OGs, two current staff and a former member of staff attended the reunion.  Dick Von Reibnitz taught History at St George’s between 1972 until he left in 2007.  Although he’s never really ‘left’!  Dick and his wife Pam, are our Georgian ambassadors whenever they travel abroad and regularly hosting an OG Australian gathering in Sydney on our behalf at least every two years. 

High School romances is something only in fairy tales? Not for the Class of 1988.  Of the attendees on the night three of the couples met while at St George’s and are now married– congratulations Vanya and Christian Devaux, Nicky and Andy Holland and Amy and Jim Blackburn! 

Chris Jansen was overheard saying that he was never elected to become School Prefect, but now serves on the Governing body for the past six years.  Chris is instrumental in helping the Development Office organise November’s Celebrate 150 Gala Ball.   

A massive thank you must go to those that travelled far to attend the reunion – Vikki Hennen who joined from the USA, Tara Purcell from Portugal and Adam Hollioake from Australia.

As much as we enjoyed celebrating the reunion, time was also taken to think about those friends who are no longer with us.  Sadly three classmates have died over the years, and we continue to pray for their families. Sarah Jane Davis, Emma Lambourne and Laurent Ford – Gone but not forgotten.

It was a wonderful evening and we are delighted that we got to bring you all back together.


Adam Hollioake, Ben Williams, and Christian Devaux

Eddy Hazelden and Marc Ng

Henry Powell and Christian Devaux

Henry Powell, Claire Templar-Clark and Andy Holland

James Taylor and Dick Von Reibnitz

Kate Ward and Amy Newson

Kathleen Flanagan and Tara Purcell

Micaela Stites, Nicky Simon, Vanya Strok and Jo Marsh

Nolan Craid, Jim Blackburn, Ramsey Khoury and Micaela Stites


Vikki Hennen and Jon Collins